Data Symphony MicroservicesToday’s business world demands more agility, flexibility, and efficiency from its professionals, especially actuaries and accountants. Enter microservices, a paradigm shift in how software is designed and interacted with. At Data Symphony, we’re pioneering the way forward, making the power of microservices accessible right from Excel.




Explaining microservices

Microservices represent a departure from traditional monolithic software designs. They are:

  • Independent software solutions: Each microservice has its specific role, operating independently yet in harmony with others.
  • Available to specific business users: This ensures the right tool for the right job.
  • Enabling frequent business requirements: Be it daily or monthly; microservices are tailored to meet recurrent operational needs.
  • Automation: Microservices excel in automating recurring daily tasks, reducing manual input and error.
  • Ownership: They are owned and supported by small, agile teams who ensure their optimum performance.
  • Expansion: As businesses grow and evolve, so can their microservices. Adaptability is built into their DNA.
  • Cloud Integration: Hosted on platforms like AWS, microservices are accessible from various platforms, including Excel.

Benefits of using microservices

Microservices offer:

  • Reusability: They can be utilized across various applications, promoting consistency and efficiency.
  • Scalability: They scale seamlessly, ensuring performance regardless of the workload.
  • Fault isolation: An issue with one microservice won’t impact others, ensuring consistent uptime.
  • Technology agnostic: Regardless of underlying technologies, microservices work in tandem.
  • Rapid deployment and updates: Changes can be made quickly without system downtimes.
  • Productivity: Their intuitive nature and efficiency result in improved team productivity.
  • Simplicity: Microservices are easy to understand and modify, reducing the technical debt.

User interface

For actuaries and accountants, Excel remains a beloved tool. Data Symphony’s microservices integrate seamlessly with:

  • Excel UI: Accessible and familiar.
  • Multiple UIs: Be it web interfaces, windows forms, or others, microservices adapt.
  • Security: Multiple layers ensure data integrity and access controls.
  • Documentation: Accessible right from the interface, simplifying onboarding and reference.
  • Feedback: Users can easily provide feedback, aiding continuous improvement.
  • Deployment: Automatic deployment ensures users always have the latest version without hassle.

Expanding services

Growth is inevitable, and so:

  • Service requests: Users can request new services right from their interface.
  • Prioritization: Frequent and critical requests can be prioritized for faster development.
  • Updates: With tools like Microsoft Copilot, updates from the support team can be rolled out smoothly and efficiently.


At Data Symphony, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional support for our microservices. We understand their importance to your workflow and ensure they work as efficiently as you do.

We recommend empowering your actuarial and accounting teams with microservices that caters for frequently used daily tasks.
Let us help you pave your way to a more streamlined future.